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Bingham University Teaching
Hospital (BHUTH)

A Team of Selfless,Dedicated and Hardworking
Healthcare Professionals
Our Story

News & Events

The ECWA President, Rev. (Dr) Stephen Panya Baba took out time to dedicate the Reconstructed BHUTH Road network and Car parks on the 7th of July 2023. During the Ceremony, He also dedicated the Renovated Male and Female Wards (Medical/Surgical) which has never been done since the construction of the building and also Prayed for the Sick. The event culminated with a thanks giving, praise and worship by the Staff and Management of the Hospital.

Evangel VVF Center

The Center caters for patients withVesico Vaginal Fistular, started in 1994, it has operated on over 4000 patients

Pinneo Infectious Disease Center

The Story of Lassa Fever  (Viral Haemorrhagic Feve) can not be said witout the selfless contribution of Nurse Pinneo to tackling the spread of Lassa Fever  

Managed Care 

The Managed Care Unit was created to cater for the well being of Privat Patients, Company Patients and Insured Patients. It is a One stop Shop for your healthcare needs in the Hospital

About Us

Bingham University Teaching hospital (BHUTH) is a 250 Bed tertiary healthcare Facility located in Jos, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria. It was established as Evangel Hospital in February1959 and was the vision of SIM (then Sudan Interior Mission) missionary named Dr. Lonnie Grant to provide Health care to the Missionaries in Nigeria and to also meet Health care needs of the indigenous populace Read More...


“To be a Christ Centered Teaching Hospital of Excellence.”


“To provide an inclusive and Qualitative Health Care Services, Training and Research in a Christ Centered Manner to all People.”

Core Values

1. God 2. Love & Companssionate Care 3. Integrity 4. Hard Work 5. Accountability
6. Salvation of Souls 7. Excellence


Staff Strength 






Hospital Board

Dr James Agada 

Board Chairman,
Bingham University Teaching Hospital


The Board of the Teaching Hospital Consist of a Chairman, appointed by the ECWA Executive, The Chief Medical Director, The ECWA Director of Medical Services, Three Persons nominated by the ECWA Executive to represent a wide variety of community interests in health matters, One Representative of the medical profession not being a member of the Teaching Staff of any University, a representative of the senate of Bingham University, the Dean of the Medical School or Provost, College of Medicine of Bingham University, One Representative of the State Ministry of Health, The Chairman of the ECWA Medical Board and One Representative of the Vice-Chancellor of Bingham University.

The Board is Responsible for Equipping, Maintaining, and operating the Hospital so as to Provide Facilities for Diagnosis, Curative, Promotion and rehabilitative service in medical Treatment.
The Board is also responsible for the Construction, equipping, maintaining and Operating Training Schools and Similar institutions as the Board considers necessary for providing the hospital at all times with a proper staff of hospital technicians and nurses.
The Board also Constructs, Equips, Maintain and Operate Such Clinics, Out-Patients, Departments, Laboratories Research or Experimental stations and other like institutions as the Board considers necessary for the efficient functioning of the Hospital.
The Duty of the Board also involves providing proper courses of instruction for the medical students at Bingham University, by arranging with the approval of the ECWA Executive, for students to attend courses at other institutions not controlled by the Board
The Board also ensures that the standards of teaching provided at all establishments controlled by itself and the standards of treatment and care provided for patients at those establishments do not fall below those usually provided by similar establishments of international repute.
The Board also has Powers to do anything which in its opinion, is calculated to facilitate the carrying out of its functions.

The Board as currently constituted includes the following members: Dr James Agada (Chairman), Prof. Williams Barnabas Qurix (Vice Chancellor, Bingham University),Prof. Dul Johnson (Deputy Vice Chancellor, Bingham University), Prof. Musa Dankyau (Provost, College of Health & Allied Sciences), Mrs. Miriam Philip David (Leader, ECWA Women Fellowship Intl.), Barrister Daniel Gwaza (Legal Practitioner - Member), Mr. Zacharia Musa Lenka (Community Representative/DA & Secretary to the Board BHUTH), Dr. Mikah Samaila (ECWA Director of Medical Services), Rev. Tom Jessurun (SIM Director), Rev. Dr. Barry N. Fidelis (Chairman, ECWA Jos DCC), Mrs. Anastasia Homsuk Donjur (Perm. Sec. Plateau State Ministry of Health), Rev. Dr. Daniel Rikichi Kajang (Consultant Community Physician, WHO - Member), Prof. Stephen A. Anzaku (Chief Medical Director, Bingham University Teaching Hospital - Member),Dr. Nuhu Tumba (Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, Bingham University Teaching Hospital - Member)

Management Team

Bingham University Teaching Hospital is Managed and Run by Highly Qualified Individuals headed by the Chief Medical Director, who is appointed by the ECWA Executives in consultation with the Director of Medical Services. He is ably supported and assisted by The Director of Administration (DA) and The Chairman Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC) who are both appointed by the Board of the University Teaching Hospital.

Prof Stephen A. Anzaku

Chief Medical Director


Dr Nuhu Tumba

Chairma, Medical Advisory Committee 


Mr Zacharia Musa Lenka 

Director of Administration


Maria Z.K Goni

Assistant Director, Nursing Services  


Mr Danlami Akwang 

Assistant Director, Finance


Dr Adam Jaehyeok Lee 

SIM Representative


Rev. Sylvanus Mato Tozy

Head, Chaplaincy


Bingham University Teaching Hospital League of Friends

Mr Christopher Ogoshi 

Bingham University Teaching Hospital
League of Friends


The BHUTH League of friends are a dedicated friends of Bingham University Teaching Hospital commissioned by the governing board of the hospital to support the hospital in achieving its mission and vision.
The league of friends supports the hospital through fundraising and advocacy. They also foster partnerships and facilitate collaborations with both local and international organizations The league of friends is coordinated by a Chairman and suppoted by the governing board secretariat

Specialist Services

Bingham University Teaching Hospital offers a variety of specialist services  


This is an out patient Procedure done in the hospital Every Friday. It requires a patient to book beforehand and results are expected same day

Pap Smear/Coposcopy 

This Procedure is done in the Hospital every day with results expected at most in Two weeks depending on the Procedure/Examination done. It does not require booking and its completed same day.


Cystoscopy is done every Thursday, and requires a patient to book beforehand. The procedure might take the entire day to complete and patient placed on observation for not more than 24hrs


Endoscopy is Done every Tuesday and Thursday in the facility. The Procedure requires a patient book before hand and might take a whole day to complete.

Club foot Repair  

The procedure requires no booking ahead of clinic visit and takes about 25 mins to complete. Clinic visit is weekly, Every Friday, from 8:00am


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